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Picturesworld Studios themes available for preview
updated by rck, 2006-11-02

In an attempt to minimize clutter of the phpWebSite themes landscape, Picturesworld Studios merged their themes to the Kiesler phpWebSite Theme Preview Site. This makes life easier for people wanting to see all of the free available phpWebSites in just one place.

As usual, every theme on the preview site can be previewed with a single mouse click. Every theme is available to be commented as well.

Some statistics

The Kiesler phpWebSite Theme Preview Site now has 68 phpWebSite themes available for preview. Most of them also contain links to downloads, as far as I knew about them. After the current migration, the preview site contains 11 themes from Picturesworld Studios as well. For longtime preview site users, there won't be any difference except the list of available themes getting longer. For new users, use of the preview site is even more tempting now.

You can find the theme preview site at

In case anything should be missing or just plain wrong, please tell me about correction proposals you might have in my local phpWebSite forum -- thanks!

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