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Boundary Checks with gforth
updated by rck, 2004-05-21

Forth is a fascinating language. I've been hunting a bug in definition of mere 5 words for quite some weeks now. Now that I know, why things are the way the are, it seems quite trivial. I'm documenting the definition of check-range ( u lower-bound upper-bound -- ), while I still know about it.
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I'm currently writing on a assembler and disassembler for gforth for the SPARC-Platform. Currently, as in 1.5 years more or less hard work.

There are some finished assemblers / disassemblers for gforth already and I have access to their sourcecode. Thus, my spasm, as I call it, is based on the MIPS-Assembler/Disassembler

Checking Bounds in C

checking bounds is kind of a trivial task, or so it seems. Imagine a C-Function like the following:

check_bounds(int val, int lower, int upper) {
  return((lower <= val) && (val <= upper));

Checking Bound with Exceptionhandling

The forth-word I need behaves a little different. Written down in pseudo-code, it would be:

check_bounds(int val, int lower, int upper) {
  if((lower > val) || (upper < val))
    throw(new index_out_of_bounds_exception());

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