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updated by rck, 2004-10-10

Another case of trying out the swallow hack 0.2. This time, I'm shuffling some sections around. Enjoy!

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NOTE: This introduction is for demo purposes only and is current as of the first release of Article Manager. For the most up-to-date version, look under the docs directory. Custom articles - each section can look completely different Define your own article and section templates Admins can allow/deny ability to display external pages in an embedded frame Users can add comments to your article Users can view a list of the articles that they have created Articles keep track of how many times they've been viewed Articles can be set to start showing at a future date Articles can expire on specified dates Articles can be viewed in summary format with a link to the full article MULTI-ARTICLE STORIES with automatic navigation controls! Optimization: Images are stored in multiple directories for faster access A library of approved images can be easily maintained Images can be clickable links with alternate text and photo captions Expired articles can be accessed from a list and re-activated Module settings are easily changeable User-submitted articles can require approval before activation "Also on this site.." Block "Previous n Articles" Block "Most Popular Articles" Block Articles can be set to not show up in the homepage summary listings Articles can be assigned to topic categories Articles can be viewed only by certain groups All of your old Announcements & PageMaster Module content can be imported Automatic rerouting of old mod.php, Announcements & PageMaster links Display a printable version Nothing is saved to disk until you hit "Save Page" "Edit Locking" - Only 1 user can edit a page at a time A "News" page that displays all articles

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Lex wurde von Mike Lesk entwickelt und ist Teil des POSIX Standards. Gehört also zu so ziemlich jeder Unix-Distribution dazu.

Mike Lesk, Professor an der Rutgers University, hat neben lex auch das unverzichtbare grep entwickelt, welches, wie wir sehen werden, bei näherer Betrachtung sehr mit lex verwandt ist.

Weitere Beiträge zur Unix-Gemeinschaft von Mike Lesk sind beispielsweise uucp (Dateiübertragung, Verwandter von ftp), tbl (Tabellen-Formatierer für troff, der Layoutengine von man), refer (für Bibliographische Referenzen in groff) und noch ein paar andere Tools.

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Grundlage: Das Lambda-Kalkül

Abstraktion: Funktionen (höherer Ordnung)

Eigenschaft: referentielle Transparenz

historische Bedeutung: Basis vieler Programmiersprachen

Anwendungsbereiche: Theoretische Informatik, künstliche Intelligenz, experimentelle Software und Programmierunterricht.

Implementationen: LISP, ML, Miranda und Haskell

here you can see some nonsense article. in case it makes sense, it's all fault of Swallow Hack 0.5 for Article Manager!

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