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Google Suggests

Google Suggests

Google Suggests is currently (2004-12) in the google labs. Basically, it's a search box with a realtime lookup that can complete your search words.



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Google Earth

updated by rck, 2005-06-30
Google Earth

Google Maps is a huge success. And a nice example for another successful Google application. Too bad that there are only maps about US and UK.

Google Earth is the next cartography attempt of Google. And it's even more successful. It is apparently so successfull that Google even had to temporarily disable the download of it. Download? Yes, it's a windows program, based on Direct X.

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Keine neuen Cliés mehr

updated by rck, 2006-03-26
Keine neuen Cliés mehr ...zumindest außerhalb Japans nicht mehr. Somit wurde der Handheldmarkt von 3 auf 2 Anbieter reduziert.

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