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Just upgraded: PhpWSBB 1.0.0 CVS 2004-10-15

updated by rck, 2004-10-15
Just upgraded: PhpWSBB 1.0.0 CVS 2004-10-15

New Features: Clearer layout, User rankings, Show postings, show newest posting of Forums on the overview. And: I indeed like it.

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New Themes: Emotions + Schloss

updated by rck, 2004-10-12
New Themes: Emotions + Schloss

I had an idea on Sunday. What, if I'd try to make phpWebSite look less like a content management system and more like a Designers site?

While I am no designer, far from it, I did some googling and came up with a nice singlecolumn layout. Combine it with a banner-image and the corresponding Swatches and you get Emotions. Or Schloss.

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Bäck for good!!!

updated by rck, 2004-09-28
Bäck for good!!! After a successful swap of disk drives and the cleaning of the usual LILO problems the server is back online.

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Upgrade auf phpWebSite 0.9.3-4

updated by rck, 2004-10-10
Upgrade auf phpWebSite 0.9.3-4

Heute habe ich mich über das Upgrade auf die neuerste phpWebSite Version getraut. Sie verlief im wesentlichen Erfolgreich, nur der Newsfeed-Reader und die Remember-Me Option funktionieren noch nicht.

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updated by rck, 2006-05-13
Impressum is Teamwork. Behold, the team of While the first page is written german, as required by Austrian law, the following pages are written english.

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updated by rck, 2004-05-29 auf verschiedensten Browsern Ich habe mal spaßhalber mit einem Mac-Browser, 2 Linux Textmode-Browsern und 10 Windows Browsern angeschaut. Die Ergebnise sind durchaus erfreulich!

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updated by kathaleh, 2004-05-14
pretexte anti-technikum

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Umstellung auf phpWebSite 0.9.3-3 RC1

updated by rck, 2004-05-12
Umstellung auf phpWebSite 0.9.3-3 RC1 wurde gerade eben auf die neuerste phpWebSite Version umgestellt.

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