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Who wants phpWebSite, who does not?

phpWebSite is a web content management system. Like hundreds of others. It is php-based and MySQL?. Like most others. It is a derivate of phpNuke. Like there are a lot of others. And it`s BETA-Software.

Usually, you wouldn`t want to use BETA-Software on a productive site. Then again, there are quite a few people who do so any way. Like me. But how comes?

What phpWebSite CAN do

  • Easy to set up
  • One single interface for everything
  • Everyone sees the same, from super user down to anonymous user
  • Right-management (per-group, per-user)
  • Module-handling (write your own content-containers)
  • easy to use Database-interface, template engine, translation
  • Show Photoalbums, Announcements and a calendar out of the box
  • Third-party applications like Multi-paged Text (Article Manager) or a Wiki (like this one) available
  • powerful theme concept (CSS files, templates and even php-support on a per-theme basis)

What phpWebSite CANNOT do

  • No fool-proof content-input, no WYSIWYG editor out of the box
  • No content syndication, RSS-support, at least no robust one.
  • No hack/patch management, like others have
  • No AJAX support
  • No built-in content-versioning or built-in multi-language content support
  • Not XHTML compilant (even though it claims it is, not even the official homepage validates!)
  • No web-based template / theme editor
  • code hard to understand
  • rough edges

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