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Infused Cat
updated by rck, 2004-11-12

My cat Stanley got sick a week ago on friday. So sick in fact, he had to stay at the doctors for a day and a night. He's home for a couple of days now and recovering.

A furballs fault

While cats usually throw up their furballs, it didn't happend this time for some weird reason we don't know. What happend next? Well, his intestinal (having a dictionary while bloggin english sure helps...) festered, he stopped drinking and threw up all the time after eating, getting more lethargic all the time.

Finally, on monday, we got him to the doctors, where he got an infusion. He dried all up, his blood got too thick. That's why he got lethargic, the doctor said.'>looking surprised
looking surprised

Shaved leg'>shaved leg
shaved leg

While sometimes shaved legs can look sexy, they don't do so here. I found it quite interesting, that cats could get infusions as well.

By the way, there was another cat in the cage next of him at the doctors. It was a very young cat (Stanley is eight years old already) with a broken haunch. It was quite bored...

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