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updated by rck, 2006-05-20

September, 11 in US probably wasn't just another day. People thought about the World Trade center, the two planes that crashed into it 2001 and the sadness that followed that event. There is a reason why searching for september 11th on Google doesn't lead to a calendar.

But what about Europe, especially Austria? I haven't noticed too much of worries here. US is far away, there's a big ocean between Europe and America. Some people even get adventurous and fly anyway. Like us. We did a helicopter ride and enjoyed it.


Why would someone want to ride with a helicopter? First of all, flying is fun. Also, it was my fathers birthday present. He already flew around with all kind of vehicles. Still, a helicopter wasn't on this lengthy list.

So I made him a present: A nice helicopter ride. In fact, there were four seats available so I could fly myself, too. You can on the one hand see a couple of family-photos here. And on the other hand some air-views of Vienna and Korneuburg.

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