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Review: Building Websites with Mambo
updated by rck, 2005-10-24

Building Websites with Mambo is already the third book I'm reviewing from Packt Publishing. Mambo is the CMS that has won three awards in 2005 alone: Best Open Source Solution twice and Best of Show once.

Should you decide to give Mambo a go you might be interesting in having a printed manual for it. Building Websites with Mambo could be just the thing for you.
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Mambo is seen as one of the most promissing CMSes around as of today. If you want to implement it and want to book only one book, this would be the one.


Polls help me focusing on what my visitors actually want to read. Also, it can be quite interesting to find out, what kind of interests people visiting this site actually have.

You aren't shy at all? So why not visit my forums and say hi there?

What's your Mambo-level?
I'd like to know more about you. After all, it's you I'm writing my content for. Please tell me: How good to you know Mambo?
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What's your CMS-Role?
Running a web site is a complex task. Implementing a CMS can make life easier, as it enables people to spread roles amongst each other. Which of the following roles would describe you best?
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What's your favourite dance?
As you probably know by now, Mambo is also the name of a dance. Personally, I think it's a very nice fast dance. Which dance do you like most?
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