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KDE: Removing the Trash-Icon
updated by rck, 2004-06-27

Removing the Trash-Icon from the Desktop is rather straight forward, if you know how. Even for root-users. As I couldn't find any guidance on the net, I started exploring this topic on my own.

What doesn't work

As a root user, it's no use to remove the Trash-Folder. It will be recreated. You can't link it to /dev/null, either: It will be displayed as a character device. Trying to chmod it to 0? Doesn't work. Even if you touch a file first.

Alas, there's no option in the user interface. No Desktop-Settings. Nothing. But behold...

What works

...what does work is analyzing the file Network.desktop. It has a entry Hidden=true. So, let's add that to the .desktop-file of our Trash-Folder. We are successful, it's hidden. Mission accomplished.

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    Posted on 2006-04-20 14:49:44 By Anonymous

    cool. it's a pity that there's no option in settings.

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