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Theme-choosing for anonymous users

updated by rck, 2004-10-26
Theme-choosing for anonymous users

So you want to show your phpWebSite themes to anonymous viewers as well? That's not possible out of the box, as Layout, the module which is responsible for Themes, supports only logged in users. Well, it's possible now, some hours hacking later...

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Some Random Pictures for Swallowing

updated by rck, 2004-10-10
Some Random Pictures for Swallowing

Since I just made an update of the swallow hack containing a "randomizer", I wanted to try it out.

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Random Guide to whatever

updated by rck, 2004-10-10
Random Guide to whatever

Another case of trying out the swallow hack 0.2. This time, I'm shuffling some sections around. Enjoy!

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Swallow Hack 0.5 for Article Manager

updated by rck, 2006-04-23
Swallow Hack 0.5 for Article Manager

Didn't you always think about a CMS that's more tightly integrated, than phpWebSite? Didn't you always wonder, if it would be possible to use the same pictures all over the place, include download links in an Article? Or maybe use the links right from your Link Manager, thus having one single instance to administer, and not loads of different articles?

0.5 is a port of 0.4 to Article Manager 3 by Tony Oosterhoff. It also contains a bugfix of a bug found by Tja. Read this thread for details. Thank you!

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Consistent Control Panel Icons for phpWebSite

updated by rck, 2006-03-29
Consistent Control Panel Icons for phpWebSite

One of the key features in phpWebSite is the modularity. It's very easy to enhance a installation of phpWebSite with any given phpWebSite module. On the other hand, the modules' look & feel varies quite a bit. Wouldn't it be nice to have at least a slightly more consistent look? I've compiled some more subtle icons for my favourite CMS.

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Photo Albums Comments Patch installiert

updated by rck, 2004-09-10
Photo Albums Comments Patch installiert Ich habe endlich den Patch, den ich schon so lange gesucht habe, gefunden und installiert. Es ist ab sofort möglich, hier Photos zu kommentieren.

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phpWebSite Suche reparieren

updated by rck, 2004-05-19
phpWebSite Suche reparieren Beim Article-Manager hat bis jetzt die Suchfunktion nicht funktioniert. Gerade beim Article-Manager, wo sie so wichtig ist. Mir hat das keine Ruhe gelassen und ich habe mich in die Untiefen des phpWebSite Quellcodes gestürzt.

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